Tuesday, 28 July 2009

More crap from GPs

What the NHS web site says:

Medical Exemption Application Process

How To Apply
If you suffer from one of the specified conditions ask for an application form FP92A, available from your doctor's surgery. You need to fill in parts 1 and 2 and your doctor (or an authorised member of the practice staff) will sign to confirm the information youve given is correct.

The surgery will arrange to send completed application forms to our office, using pre-paid envelope PPAEXENV, at:

NHS Business Services Authority
Help With Health Costs
Medical Exemption
Newcastle upon Tyne

What the local GP says:

Sorry we dont post these forms, happy to sign it but you will have to post it yourself.

Forcing the patient to take more time off work to queue up to collect the form from the surgery. They clearly think they are saving the cost of the stamp.

Useless GPs as per usual.

Do GPs really think patients would put up with crap like this if there was any choice of GP at all?

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Anonymous said...

You'd probably call GPs useless for expecting you to collect your own drugs from the pharmacy to treat your own health problems too. And probably for making you dial Pizza Hut to arrange for a delivery of health food - surely this must be a responsibility of the health service too....just tell us your every want (not need) and we'll sort it out pity it'll destroy the health service but there you go.....