Friday, 31 July 2009

Even when not ill the NHS still gives you hassle

Had a stroppy letter from the NHS choose and book mafia today

Complaining that I have not been responding to their calls and letters (mainly cos I'd never had a call or letter prior to today)

Telling me to ring urgently to make an appointment


I was fascinated, what wonderful Star Trek style diagnosis and referral technology the NHS must be using, and how great that they can tell I need to see a consultant when I have not actually seen an NHS GP or doctor (about myself) for what 4 or 5 years now. When I've been ill it's always been impossible to use the NHS even for a simple GP appointment so I've gone private in recent history. And I don't think I've seen a private GP for ages now.

So I rang up, confirmed my ID, oh how funny. They think I have a whole bunch of illness and have been referred by my GP. Sadly for them I don't, and the useless "too many tweets" NHS GP has never seen me, as a patient, so quite where such a magical diagnosis came from I have no idea.

So I pointed this out to the lady wasting my time and phone bill from choose and book, and of course she blamed the GP.

I feel sorry for the real patient who really does need to see a consultant who this useless bunch of idiots have let down. No doubt they will lie about events if the patient complains about his late referral.


Tern said...

I hope you die alone and confused, riddled with tumours and screaming like a pig in a war.

Anonymous said...

agree there has been an enormous waste of money on the catastrophic failure of nhs all other public sector it disasters the private consultants who created it have swanned off with their megabucks leaving chaos and waste in their wake.
the billions wasted could have funded desperately needed drugs surgery or clinicians.thats the way to reduce waiting times--increase supply.